Open source marketing : Thx to Collboratemarketing est une agence londonienne, dont la page « open_source_marketing » fait échos à la philosophie et aux valeurs d’XfoisY fondées sur l’Open-source autrement dit, la Co-création entre entreprises et consomm’acteurs.

En voici quelques extraits :

Consumers are no longer happy to sit back and be fed a brand and its values. They want to interact with the ‘brand source’ in the same way that Linux programmers want to get their hands on the programming source code. That means giving consumers access to the brand and inviting them to co-create on branded projects. Open Source marketeers understand this and make it easy for customers to get involved with a brand and affect its direction, maybe even its values.


By setting some rough parameters and then challenging consumers to get involved, or co-create, they are already seeing some fantastic results.


The power of Open Source values can be unleashed to create marketing campaigns that are innovative, surprising, energetic and engaging. Campaigns that people want to join.


All the qualities that the marketing and advertising industry once loved about TV are alive and well in the Open Source Movement.

But this time the consumer is in command and control.

Je vous invite à lire l’ensemble de la page, riche d’enseignements et d’exemples quant au power des interactions créatives des marques et consomm’acteurs !